Quienes Somos

San German SPA. Es una empresa productora y exportadora de fruta fresca orientada a los distintos mercados, en especial USA que es uno de nuestros aliados comerciales para la comercialización de los productos de nuestra región.
Gracias al trabajo en nuestra Región y a la continua búsqueda de nuevos productos para su exportación, San German se abre a nuevas regiones de nuestro país tales como La III Región, Región Metropolitana y la V Región, para así ofrecer productos de exportación de primera calidad a mercados de Latinoamérica, Norteamérica, Europa y Asia.

EN SAN GERMAN SPA, entendemos que el compromiso con nuestros productores y mercados es entregar sólo productos de alta calidad, para ello contamos con instalaciones tecnológicas de última generación y un equipo humano profesional del más alto nivel.

About us

SAN GERMAN SPA is a fresh fruit producer and exporter oriented to diferent markets in the world.The central market where SAN GERMAN operates is the United States. They are one of our commercialization partners to exports the goods from our region.
Due to our continuos search for quality products we were able to enlarge our operations to other regions in our country, the regions added to our operation were the third, fifth,and Metropolitan regions. with this development, SAN GERMAN SPA is able to provide quality exporting products to diferent markets like Latin America, North America,Europe, and Asia.

Here at SAN GERMAN SPA, we understand that our commitment to our producers and markets is to deliver hig-quality products and for that, we count on the latest technology and top-notch experts.





Nuestra empresa cuenta con una variedad de certificaciones internacionales, lo que nos permite ofrecer a nuestros clientes el embalaje, mantenimiento y transporte de sus productos a los mercados de destino que requieren la adopción de sistemas para garantizar la seguridad y la legalidad de los productos envasados y el almacenamiento en frío.


Our company has various international certifications, which allows us to offer our customers to packing, maintenance and transport their products to target markets that require adoption of systems to ensure safety, security and legality of the packaged products and cold storage.


Lead trade association for the UK retail industry.
The BRC standard is applicable throughout the food industry, and requires the adoption of the HACCP system, maintain a documented Quality Management, implement the infractructure in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and have a product control system, process and personnel. In addition to the BRC database directory is available to Tesco. Sainsbury`s and ASDA


they are a basic tool for obtaining insurance products for human consumption, which is centralized in hygiene and workability.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

HACCP is a systematic and identifies specific hazards, arranging the required control measures to ensure food safety.

ISO9000 = International Organization for Standardization

He ISO9000 family addresses "Quality management" This means what the organization does to fulfil:
* The customer`s quality requirements.
* Applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to.
* Enhance customer satisfaction.
* Achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objetive.

Certification of ethical standards for suppliers of Wal-Mart

Certified under the ethical standards of Wal-Mart, for suppliers, which seeks to ensure that adequate labor practices within the company to avoid:
Harassment of workers misconduct, fair wages and working hours as stipulated in the labor laws of the country of origin, safe practices for the environment and staff.

Certified for the Disney program to prevent childhood obesity

The Healthy Living Disney Magic.


Focuses on four pillars: Labour Standards, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Integrity. As a growing membership organisation. Sedex is a flexible plataform, open to expansion in line with market development and evolving member needs.

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Is committed to imroving the working conditions of people who produce the merchandise it sells, while at the same time recognizing and respecting the cultural and legal differences found throughout the world. To this end:
* Prohibits child labor, compulsory prision labor and physical abuse of workers.
* Expects its vendors, at a minimum, to comply with the applicable labor laws of the country where the merchandise is produced.
* Encourages its vendors to work to achieve "Above and Beyond Goals"


Is committed to ensuring that all Tesco brand products produced by suppliers are safe, comply with legal requirements and are of the agreed quality. Suppliers must meet ethical tesco (tesco ethical trading code of practice - Document Nº.388